Dangers Of Moped Riding in Las Vegas

Mopeds are showing an increase in ownership with sales up 60{88e349d5decac9e367401df59c8a5daea38c8be20f3485723a835d333268b5d9} which means there are more of them on the roads. As more are traveling on our streets, there has been a rise in moped accidents in Las Vegas, a city that is already ranked #5 most unsafe cities for drivers across America.

Laws Governing Mopeds in Las Vegas

These vehicles have a displacement that will be less than 50 cubic centimeters and their engines will be much smaller than that of motorcycles at a maximum of 1500 watts of output. Additionally, in order to be considered in the moped category, your motorized bike cannot go any faster than 30 mph on the road.

There are many features that these bikes have which are similar to that of a motorcycle such as lights and mirrors. They differ in that mopeds do not have to have turn signals. Understandably, the lack of proper signaling function on these bikes can cause potential dangers for riders as well as others on the roads.

There are some requirements that a driver of a moped must have in the State of Nevada, a valid driver’s license being one. Owners are also responsible for a registration fee. Outside of these mandatory items, there is a lot of wiggle room for drivers. Here in Nevada, a helmet is not required. This decision is up to the driver and if one chooses to forgo the headgear they are putting themselves in significant jeopardy.

Dangers Involved With Riding a Moped

Moped riders see less fatalities as well as injuries when compared to motorcyclists. This may be because there are simply more motorcyclists on the streets versus moped riders which increases the number of accidents with any potential outcomes for motorcyclists. Another reason may be that motorcycles can drive at much higher rates of speed.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the statistics, the reality is that driving a moped still has its own set of concerns and hazards. For states that don’t require helmets, there is more opportunity for moped drivers to forgo them and the results are that drivers of mopeds suffer more head injuries. Older moped riders, exceeding the age of 60 are at the greatest risk for these injuries to be very severe and even fatal.

The accidents that are most common for mopeds include collisions with other vehicles on the road as well as losing control of the bike and veering off the roadway. Like motorcycles, mopeds do not offer substantial protection from the elements and individual’s bodies are highly exposed during a crash.

Personal Injury Accidents in Las Vegas Nevada

Personal injuries can be caused by many different factors but the most common type results from motor vehicle accidents. The Nevada car accident attorneys at the Cottle Firm understand the trauma that comes with a car accident especially if the accident wasn’t your fault and you were injured. Driving a moped has its own amount of risk involved, when you are hit by another negligent driver, the consequences can be catastrophic.

You will need the expertise of an experienced team of personal injury lawyers in Nevada to fight for your full compensation and legal justice. Our team has decades of experiences representing those who have been victimized in accidents and we have obtained over a quarter of a billion dollars in settlements for personal injury claims. Call us today to speak to one of our resourceful Nevada personal injury attorneys at 702-722-6111.

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