The Realities of Rollovers For Vehicles

Rollovers may only occur in a small percentage of accidents, 2{88e349d5decac9e367401df59c8a5daea38c8be20f3485723a835d333268b5d9} to be exact. When they happen, however, they are extremely dangerous. Rollovers cause a much higher rate of fatality than any other type of crash. This fact alone makes these types of occurrences some of the most insidiously treacherous.

Why Vehicles Rollover

Any vehicle can do it, not just a truck or a tractor trailer. The vehicles most prone to having rollover issues are those with higher centers of gravity combined with a narrow axle. Types of vehicle designs that have this construction include SUVs.

In addition to design, there can be other issues that may cause a vehicle to roll over. Mechanical issues, as well as driving at high rates of speeds, puts one at increased risk of experiencing this type of occurrence during an accident.

Manufacturing Regulations

When a rollover occurs, the top of the vehicle becomes the bottom. The force that is put on the top can be intense and if it begins to crush under the pressure those who are inside are at an all-time high risk of severe injuries and entrapment. Fatalities that result from crushing are estimated at up to 900 each year.

This is an extreme design flaw that results in a massive safety issue. Therefore, the federal government increased the requirements for manufacturers in 2009 and implemented stronger safety standards for roof crush resistance. As time passes and older vehicles become completely phased out of use, these standards will help improve the fatality statistics. For now, cars made before these standards were put in place still pose significant risks to the passengers held within.

Who Is Responsible For Rollover Liability

There are many parties that can be held liable depending on the situation. An individual who was negligent in their actions, a company or business who hires a negligent driver, potentially government entities even can be liable. When you have been injured due to a rollover crash, you should seek legal guidance from an experienced team of automobile accident attorneys in Las Vegas. The Cottle Firm has decades of experience providing legal guidance and representation to victims of car accidents throughout the state of Nevada.

Due to the fact that rollover accidents can have such severe consequences, you may have to go through extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation to get back on your feet from your accident. The time recovering may put you out of work and you may lose much-needed wages. The distress that the whole ordeal can put on you also weighs in on the overall compensation awarded in a settlement. In order to obtain the full compensation you deserve, you need the help of our experienced team of personal injury lawyers in Nevada to fight for you.
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