How Common Are Slip and Fall Injuries?

Anyone can slip and fall, these types of injuries aren’t saved just for the elderly and young. These accidents are very common because they can happen literally, anywhere you go. They can happen at the store, at a friend’s house, in a parking lot, at the mall, or even at work. Every property owner has a responsibility to ensure their premises are free of obstacles and hazards that can cause others to slip and fall. At the very least, they must make those who enter the premises know about any potential dangers that exist.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over one million individuals suffer injuries from everyday slip and falls each year in theUnited States. Additionally, the CDC has found that slip and falls are a leading cause for severe injuries as well as death for the elderly. When you or a loved one has fallen and sustained injuries you may have a viable case for compensation. To find out the if you have a case, talk with the Las Vegas slip and fall attorneys at the Cottle Firm. We can provide guidance and feedback regarding your specific situation.

Common Hazards that Cause Slip and Falls

There are many obstacles and factors that can lead to a slip and fall. Some of the most common include:

  • Loose or uneven flooring
  • Broken or unstable furniture
  • Damaged stairs and handrails
  • Loose objects that may fall and strike a person
  • Slippery or slick surfaces
  • Unlabeled construction areas or walkways
  • Unlabeled hazardous surfaces

Negligence with Slip and Fall Injuries

Most accidents that are a result of a slip and fall are those which could have been avoided if the appropriate proactive safety measures were taken. If hazards exist on a property because of poor maintenance, if there is no appropriate cautionary signage or a lack of alerts to those that enter a property, the owners are can be liable for injuries that result.

In order to prove your injuries were a result of the negligence on the part of a property owner it is important to establish the following:

  • The accident was a direct result of negligence
  • The owner had full awareness and knowledge of any dangerous circumstances that could have been avoided

Nevada Slip and Fall Lawyers

Establishing liability can be a challenging feat if for an individual to do alone. The good news is if you have been the victim of injuries due to a slip and fall you don’t’ have to face those challenges by yourself. Enlisting the help and expertise of a Nevada personal injury attorney is the best way to ensure you have the strongest case possible for full compensation for your damages.

Our team of Las Vegas slip and fall attorneys at the Cottle Firm know what is needed to build a strong claim. You have rights, and you deserve legal justice when you have been victimized. There is a 2-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims in the state of Nevada. Don’t wait to call us today at 702-722-6111 and tell us about your experience.

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