Las Vegas, NV – Car Crash Causes Injuries on W Bonanza Rd

Las Vegas, NV (July 17, 2019)

On the 17th of July, a car crash happened at the intersection of West Bonanza Road and North City Parkway. Vehicles crashed into each other at the intersection for unrevealed reasons. The accident was reported at approximately 8:35 p.m.

When the paramedics and other crews arrived at the scene to help, they found at least one person injured as a result of the crash. They rushed the injured victim to a nearby hospital after briefly tending to them at the scene. Crews had to remove the vehicles and clean up excess debris to ensure no other vehicles were damaged.

The police are still thoroughly investigating to determine why the accident occurred and who will be held responsible.

We hope the injured victim is able to fully recover without any complications.

Car Accidents in Nevada

The reason vehicle collisions occur every day in Nevada is mainly because of negligent driving, which includes drivers texting, drinking, eating, sleeping, grooming, applying makeup, disciplining children, conversing with passengers, and more. Drivers believe they can successfully partake in other activities while they operate their vehicles, but that’s far from true, especially since statistics indicate that most vehicle accidents occur when drivers are not completely focused at the wheel.

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