Las Vegas, NV – Vehicle Accident on N Decatur Blvd and W Lone Mountain Rd

Las Vegas, NV (July 17, 2019)

On the evening of July 17th, a vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of N Decatur Boulevard and W Lone Mountain Road. An unknown number of vehicles collided at the intersection for reasons that have not been released yet. The accident was reported at approximately 10:41 p.m.

When emergency crews arrived to assist, they helped remove all of the vehicles out of the intersection. Those who were harmed were immediately tended to by the paramedics. Individuals who sustained more serious injuries were transported to the closest hospital for more medical care.

The authorities are still finalizing their reports regarding what caused the accident, how many vehicles were involved, and who will be held at fault.

We hope everyone involved fully recovers quickly.

Car Accidents in Nevada

Studies show that about 6 percent of all car accidents result in at least one fatality throughout the country. Negligence is attributed to almost every collision that occurs everyday nationwide. When drivers get behind the wheel under the influence, fatigued, distracted, or worse, accidents almost always result. If drivers were more responsible and made better decisions, less accidents would occur, and less people would end up in the hospital or worse.

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