Your Laptop May Put You At Risk

A very common type of power source in the modern age, from phones to laptops, are lithium-ion batteries. These sources of energy are capable of creating very strong explosions which can result in fires. In the event that one of your household items that rely on these power sources explodes, you may be eligible to hold manufacturers liable for any injuries caused or even loss of life that is the direct result of a malfunctioning product.

Lithium-Ion Dangers

There have already been documented cases of manufacturer recalls due to malfunctioning lithium-ion batteries. These recalls involve popular products that are commonly used, such as HP laptops and electronics. These batteries have caused many injuries due to overheating, fires and burns. It is important to be aware of these issues in order to hold at-fault parties responsible for all damages.

Many of these cases are widely known and documented. There have been 17 cases involving lithium-ion batteries catching ablaze in small spaces, causing damage to passengers and individuals. These events have caused many companies to recall their products in order to limit their liability and to ultimately reduce harm to the general population.
Many times, these defects are not known until it is too late. It is important to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially in the case of being involved in an accident due to malfunctioning technology.

Liability For Battery Accidents

The liability for these accidents can often be assigned to the companies who designed these defective items. It is possible it may also be the fault of a technician who recently worked on or repaired it before the accident. In some cases, it can even be the fault of an individual who intentionally altered the device to cause an issue or failure. These instances can result in severe burns and at times even long-term disability or fatality. It is important to pay attention to recalls of similar items that are in your ownership in order to avoid being a victim of a similar accident.

Burn Injuries In The Las Vegas Area

In the United States, over 486,000 burn cases involve victims who had to undergo some sort of medical treatment. These incidents often cause expensive medical costs and even permanent disfigurement. It is important to receive the help of a skilled legal professional who can help you get the settlement you deserve and to protect your legal rights following a freak accident that leaves you with severe injuries.

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