Do You Have A Personal Injury Claim? What To Do Next

You know that what happened wasn’t your responsibility. It could have been a vehicle collision, or maybe you a slip and fall at the grocery store. You were going about your day, going about your routine, when suddenly you find yourself in an accident.

This results in rapidly rising medical costs that can be very expensive. You can be forced to miss work for an extended period of time. You weren’t at fault for the accident, but you’re having to pay for the consequences. This can be a very stressful time. Many times, the insurance settlement that is offered is not enough to cover the costs of the damages.

If this sounds like you, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. We are here to help you know what to do next.

Document Everything

Immediately following the accident, you should start documenting everything. This can include a variety of information that leads to a successful claim. Get names, contact witnesses, and write down everything that led up to the accident. Don’t talk to the insurance companies without speaking with a personal injury lawyer first. All of this information will be useful when filing your claim.

Of course, you should document any and all damages related to the incident. This includes your hospital bills and copies of your medical record. Did you have to miss work in order to undergo medical treatment? Record that, too. Police and accident reports, photos of injuries, and video at the scene are all helpful when trying to get the settlement that you deserve.

The more evidence you have, the better you will be able to show the full extent of your damages. If you can prove that another party is liable for your damages, it will be easier to win your case.

File Sooner, Not Later

Don’t just consider filing a personal injury claim. You need to call an experienced attorney immediately after an accident. You do not want to wait too long. In Nevada, there is a statute of limitations on how much time you have to file a lawsuit, and this depends on the type of injury and damage you’re filing for. If you are considering filing a claim against a government agency, you have less time – only 30 days after the time of the accident.

Personal Injury Accidents in Nevada

Personal injury accidents are extremely common in Nevada.Personal injury accidents are extremely common in Nevada. If you have collected all your evidence, weighed your options, and think you have a personal injury claim, the next thing you should do is get in touch with an experienced attorney. You need someone who has a history of helping clients win their personal injury claims.

The Cottle Firm has obtained over a quarter of a billion dollars for people that were injured throughout the state of Nevada. We have decades of experience helping people with all kinds of injuries, and our lawyers understand how to get results.

You’re not just a case number at The Cottle Firm. We’re successful because the judges and insurance lawyers know us and respect our legal record. The majority of our previous clients refer their friends and family to the firm. We appreciate our clients, and we will give you the attention that you need to win your case. 

We can help you with your case, whether large or small. Please, contact our offices today at 702-722-6111 to discuss your case with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. We are here to help you during your time of need, and get you the largest settlement possible for your claim.