Airbags Can Be More Dangerous Than The Crash

Airbags are intended to provide security for the passengers of motor vehicles in the event of a crash. However, certain flaws in design or general malfunctioning can transform these devices into something more dangerous that can potentially harm you and in some cases kill you in an accident. The force of an airbag when it deploys is very strong and fast, giving it the ability to break bones, wounds, and other serious injuries. Airbags often deploy at very fast speeds, at times over 200 miles per hour, and this is more than enough to result in significant injury and trauma for passengers. They are particularly dangerous for more vulnerable populations like the elderly and small children.

Malfunctioning Airbags

Airbags can malfunction for a host of factors and reasons. Commonly there can be errors in the deployment due to sensors that are not working properly. Sometimes these sensors can be triggered very suddenly, even if you are not involved in an accident. Other times airbags can fail to deploy in the event of an accident, or there can be just a delay in deployment due to a malfunctioning sensor. It is important for airbags to deploy fast in order to protect passengers in the event of an accident to increase the chance of survival.

Vehicle recalls are commonly due to malfunctioning airbags, and many prominent manufacturers have recalled vehicles due to these concerns. In accidents where airbags do not work properly, liability for injuries can be placed on the vehicle manufacturer due to the faulty equipment.

Usual Injuries Due To Airbags

Commonly in airbag injuries, people can sustain severe wounds that can result in pretty severe pain and anguish. Sometimes these injuries can result in longterm disfigurement. There are chemicals used to inflate airbags that can cause irritation, and there have been cases of these substances causing asthma attacks. The speed and strength of the devices can cause significant eye injuries, which can be made more likely if the airbag is punctured during deployment.

Car Collisions In Nevada

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