Most Common Reasons Car Accidents Occur In Nevada

By a wide margin, human mistakes are the cause of over 95 percent of all motor vehicle crashes in the city of Las Vegas. There are external reasons, such as wind gusts, defective parts, or weather, but not nearly as many as human negligence.

In the case the driver was acting out of neglect, the victim of the crash is entitled to significant compensation. The same applies if the negligent driver broke a safety law. In these cases, the damages can include funds for financial losses. These can include medical costs, or pain and suffering


Beginning in the 1990s, police officers have worked to minimize drunk driving on the roadways. Certain advances in technology and legal tools have helped substantially. However, despite all these safety measures, alcohol is still a significant factor in about a third of fatal car crashes in the state of Nevada

More than any other intoxicant, alcohol has the ability to affect the brain significantly. These effects make it very difficult to drive safely. Alcohol largely impairs judgment and motor skills. This combination can be particularly lethal and unsafe taken behind the wheel.

These cases are often easy to provide evidence for in civil court.


Driving while deprived of sleep is a big problem among commercial truck drivers and other large vehicle operators. Oftentimes, these drivers are on the roadways for extended periods of time. Many truckers are paid by the load, not the mile.

Drivers of tour buses driver early in the morning as well as late in the evening. This disrupts their sleeping schedule and can make them very fatigued behind the wheel, regardless of how much sleep they get each night.


Speeding is a factor in about a third of fatal crashes in Las Vegas because it increases the overall force of a crash, as well as the likelihood of colliding

Speed also greatly extends the distance needed to stop. A car traveling at 30 mph takes a third amount of time to stop than a car going 60 mph. Speeding also increases the force, making crashes deadlier at higher speeds.


Advances in technology have made distracted driving a fast growing issue on roadways nationwide. This is largely because of social media and smartphones. There are other examples as well, but cell phones are a primary concern. They combine the three types of distracted driving:

  • Eyes are off the road
  • Hands are off the wheel
  • Your mind is not paying attention

There is evidence that hands-free devices are not any safer. They only give a false sense of safety to the driver.

Car Crashes In Nevada

Number One Causes Of Car Accidents In NevadaCar crashes and other accidents can be an incredibly difficult and frightening time of your life. These accidents happen suddenly and can leave you with many costly damages.

These can include medical bills, severe injuries, and lost income due to an inability to work. 30 people die per month due to car crashes in Nevada. It is important to have someone on your side when filing an accident claim.

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