Steps To Prevent Teen Driving Accidents

There are some alarming statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These stats show that deaths due to traffic accidents increased by 7.2 percent in 2015, and teen deaths increased by a marked 10 percent. This signifies a need to prevent these dangerous driving practices. Parents need to understand these realities and focus on encouraging safe driving measures, both for themselves and their children.

There are many measures that a parent can use to prevent the risk of their teen being involved in a car accident.

Risky Driving Patterns

Several driving practices are due to human choices, and these were primarily involved in the increasing number of fatalities. Distracted driving accounted for an 8.8 percent increase in deaths, only followed by failing to wear seat belts at 4.9 percent. Impaired driving has increased overall by 3.2, and the same was seen in deaths due to speeding at a 3 percent increase. These statistics show that safety improvements in cars have done little to remedy safety concerns. Current statistics show that these rates of death due to accidents are going to increase again this year.

How To Talk About Dangerous Driving Practice

If you are a parent with a teenager, you should sit down and talk with them about safe driving. You need to establish clear rules that are simple to follow. These rules should include cell phones and use of electronics behind the wheel, going the posted speed limit, and never driving under the influence. It is important that teenagers know they should wear seatbelts while driving a car or simply as a passenger. Tell your kids to be vocal when they see someone driving recklessly or in an unsafe manner. On top of that, Las Vegas car crash attorney advise that all parents should be a model of safe driving practices for their kids. You need to set an example for your kids so they know how to act behind the wheel. This means not using cell phones, obeying the traffic laws, and of course wearing seat belts. Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol and keep the roads safe.

Teen Driving Accidents In Las Vegas

Steps To Prevent Teen Driving AccidentsThere are some alarming statistics about teenage drivers. 33{88e349d5decac9e367401df59c8a5daea38c8be20f3485723a835d333268b5d9} of deaths among 13 to 19-year-olds in 2010 occurred in motor vehicle crashes.

Even more, unsafe driving practices are common among teens, with 56{88e349d5decac9e367401df59c8a5daea38c8be20f3485723a835d333268b5d9} of teens saying they talk on the phone while driving. If your teenager causes an accident because of unsafe driving, you need an experienced attorney to represent them.

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