Common Las Vegas Car Crash Schemes

When you’re on the road, not every accident is authentic. There have been many documented accounts of individuals being indicted on charges for staging vehicle collisions to file fraudulent insurance claims. It is also common for people to stage these events in order to extort money from victims.

There are many different examples of commonly staged schemes involving car accidents. Sometimes, the person will claim that you hit them when you didn’t. Often times, these people will travel in groups and strong arm other drivers into giving them money for fake accidents. You should be aware of these kinds of hoaxes and be able to recognize them in order to not fall victim yourself.

Kinds of Staged Accidents

The kinds of motor vehicle schemes have been around long enough for certain methods to develop to help better identify staged crashes. Here are some of the most common:

  • The Swoop and Squat. This one needs three vehicles (two schemers and you). The first schemer drives into the lane in front of you while the second schemer drives aggressively behind you. He will then pass you and fake cutting off the vehicle in front of you, who will then slam on the brakes causing you to rear-end the vehicle. The second driver then disappears making it appear as a simple rear-end collision, with you at fault.
  • The Brake Slam/Panic Stop: This is similar to “the Swoop and Squat,” but using only one other driver. A passenger in the schemer’s car in front of you waits for you to show signs of distraction, and then the perp vehicle slams on brakes resulting in a rear-end crash.
  • The Drive Down. This happens when you are merging into a busy traffic lane on the highway, or often in a parking lot, and the scheming driver waves you in to merge. While you do, the driver then speeds up, forcing you to hit the side of the car in a collision. He will deny that he waved you on and that you are the reason for the accident.
  • The Sideswipe: A classic, this one especially happens when there are two left turn lanes located near a busy intersection. The scheming driver will be in the outside lane and watch for you to move toward his or her lane. The driver will then speed up to hit you on the side of your car. There may be “witnesses” who are part of the act who will tell the driver’s story when needed.

There are countless variations of these and other schemes, but all of them result in a collision that is made to look like you are responsible.

Avoiding a Staged Crash

Sadly, there is no surefire way to always avoid a crash. Safe driving depends on the basics: staying alert while behind the wheel; not allowing yourself to be distracted; not driving too close to other cars; and never giving in to the desire to act out due to someone else’s bad driving.

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