What Is The Value Of My Accident Claim?

It is always a traumatic experience when you are involved in a serious accident. This is especially true when the incident is due to another person’s negligence. These crashes can result in massive medical care costs in order to treat your injuries, and this can be incredibly expensive depending on the severity of the injuries sustained. You could be possible that you are unable to return to work, and this can result in a significant loss of income. Together, this can be a very difficult and frightening time for anyone.

You are able to file a claim to regain lost compensation. But, it is often hard to know how much money you are liable to receive in a settlement.

Partner With A Lawyer Before Negotiating With Your Insurance Company

You need to partner with an experienced attorney who understands the settlement process. Often times, the insurance company will contact you following the accident. They will likely offer a settlement that seems substantial and enough to cover your costs, but what the company offers is usually not sufficient to cover the bulk of your expenses. At the Cottle Firm, we understand the settlement process and will work within the law to get you the largest settlement possible to pay for all damages resulting from an accident injury.

How We Determine Your Claim Value

What Is The Value Of My Claim?Our Nevada accident lawyers are here to help you in filing your injury claim. Usually, we look at a few key factors when determining the value of our clients’ claims. These can include:

  • Existing and expected medical bills. The costs of medical care are rapidly rising in the United States, and when you need to treat a serious injury, it is very easy for the expenses to run out of control. But in reality, these are often just the beginning. It is possible that you will need additional care, including surgeries and physical rehabilitation, for many years to come. We are here to help you not be overwhelmed by these costs and to get you back on track with your life.
  • The current and expected loss of income. Being unable to work is aggravating and stressful. It is true that some injuries can result in a significant and long-term disability of the victim. This means months and possibly years without the income that your family needs to live. It is important to not be bogged down by these concerns and have a skilled legal team to help you in your case.
  • Pain and suffering. Often, insurance companies fail to consider the ways that injuries have an impact on victims and their families. But, physical and emotional trauma can significantly affect your life, which may never be the same after an accident.

Las Vegas Automobile Accidents

Through our many years as personal injury lawyers, we have true empathy towards the struggles that our clients experience  We know what is ahead and can take care of all the complex situations that can arise after an accident. At the Cottle Law Firm, our experienced lawyers are skilled and knowledgeable with property recovery and compensation for bills. We have more than 30 years of litigating cases and fighting for our clients.  We care about your needs and want to hear about your experience. Call us today at 702-722-6111 to discuss your claim with a professional Las Vegas car crash attorney.