Common Issues In Failure-To-Yield Accident Claims In Las Vegas

Every year across the United States, there are around 800,000 crashes resulting from failure to yield the right-of-way. This includes collisions at cross streets or due to risky lane changes. Often these accidents happen at a fairly low-speed, resulting in mere “fender benders” and only causing minor damage to property. However, there are cases involving high-speed collisions that can produce severe injuries.

These types of accidents can result in significant legal compensation. Damages from motor vehicle accidents can include financial losses, including medical bills and lost income, as well as noneconomic losses, like anguish experienced due to the accident. In certain more extreme cases other damages may also be available to the plaintiff.

Causes Of Crashes At Las Vegas Intersections

Common Issues In Failure-To-Yield Accident Claims In Las VegasThere are some fairly complex laws in Nevada concerning right-of-way on the roadways, but some of the regulations are pretty easy to understand. It is pretty well known that you should yield the right-of-way to other cars before turning left and that you shouldn’t abruptly get in front of or “cut off” other vehicles. However, other rules are a bit more intricate. One example is that automobiles are required to stop before exiting private driveways. On top of that, you have to yield the right-of-way to other cars at intersections when they are coming from a separate street or roadway.

Driver distraction is fairly normal in failure to yield right of way crashes. Some specific reasons for this include:

  • Inattention. Some examples of this, such as talking with other passengers while driving, are not technically illegal under Nevada law. Despite this, actions like these can be potentially dangerous.
  • Alcohol. The majority of drivers do not qualify as legally intoxicated until after the third drink, but many motorists are impaired after having just one drink.
  • Speeding. Extreme speeds lessen the amount of time that negligent drivers have to react to unforeseen obstacles on the road. Speeding also significantly multiplies the force in all collisions.

Failure-To-Yield Claims and Insurance Company Arguments

Many failure-to-yield claims involve the “last clear chance” defense which excuses liability in the event a driver had a chance to avoid the collision but chose not to.

If this defense does not excuse liability, the insurance company will usually attempt the contributory negligence defense in order to avoid paying the victim’s compensation. This places part of the responsibility of the negligent driver to the victim involved in the accident. This is based on the facts present in the case, so it is always important to document as much evidence as possible when filing your accident claim.

Nevada Failure-To-Yield Collisions

Car crashes and other accidents can be an incredibly difficult and frightening time of your life. These accidents happen suddenly and can leave you with many costly damages.

These can include medical bills, severe injuries, and lost income due to an inability to work. 30 people die per month due to car crashes in Nevada. It is important to have someone on your side when filing an accident claim.

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