The Most Common Injuries from Defective Products

Your research the best features, you read reviews, you may even watch a YouTube video or two for specific products you are looking to purchase. When you get the one you’ve dutifully chosen, you expect nothing less than it to work and be safe for you and your family.  

Reputable companies issue recalls on their products all the time for a variety of reasons including defects. The result of defective products can be minor to catastrophic and the negative side effects that occur from a defective product are not your fault. Here are some of the most common injuries that occur from defective products.


Chocking is a huge concern for parents and caregivers everywhere who have little ones that are constantly putting things in their mouths. Children’s toys and equipment must be safe and made without tiny objects that could pose any danger to a little one.  Choking hazards in these products due to defects happen and are a very real danger to children.

Burns and Shock

We are surrounded by electricity in our walls and in our devices, ever-present in our daily lives. Faulty wiring, low-quality materials, and poor insulation can all lead to fires and electrical shock that may lead to severe injuries.

The Most Common Injuries from Defective ProductsPoor Health

How many of us have seen the commercials for the new trending wonder drug that is great for a couple of symptoms but can also have a plethora of horrible side effects?  All drugs have to list every possible negative interaction that they’ve found during their trials. However, other poor health outcomes can still happen within the population as a result of taking a medication where all the dangers were not fully disclosed.

Broken Bones

If you are actively using a product and it breaks you can suffer from fractures or broken bones.  Should a product meant to be used or designed to hold a load break or malfunction causing you broken bones or fractures, it is not your fault.

Head Injuries

Helmets are made to protect our most prominent organ, the brain. When they are faulty, a head injury can occur. These are considered safety equipment and we expect them to keep us safe.  Should they fail to do that, and disablement or injury transpires, you could be compensated.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Automobiles are products too and are recalled often for defects.  Even the smallest of issues can lead to major accidents with serious issues and injuries.


While death is thankfully rarer than other outcomes, it does happen. Defective products can and have led to death in some circumstances.

Defective Product Attornies in Las Vegas

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