Who is Responsible for Road Construction Negligence

Road construction in Nevada is essential for the state to function in a fluid manner just as it is in almost any other location where people live, work, and commute. It has a very necessary function such as ensuring the proper flow of traffic as well as increasing the safety factor for all who use the roads including bicyclists, pedestrians, drivers, and the construction workers themselves.  There are numerous road projects going on each year in Las Vegas. If one of the parties involved in a road construction project fails to create a safe work zone there is a very real potential for accidents to occur as a result.

Road Construction Negligence

Negligence, or a failure to act in a way that common knowledge would dictate in the same circumstance, can be a result of specific actions on the part of the guilty party. It could also be a result of their failures to act.  This negligence can have very serious negative outcomes such as motor vehicle accidents or even pedestrian fatalities.

Road construction negligence can include:

  • unsafe/confusing detours
  • Roadway defects
  • Lack of proper signage
  • Loose debris on the road
  • Overgrowth or other sign obstructions
  • Uneven shoulders
  • Construction equipment or debris left on the road
  • Potholes, tenches, divots in the road
  • Lack of proper road delineations
  • Damaged or missing guardrails
  • Improperly designed roadway

Where the Liability Falls

Liability can fall with the county, the construction company, or another party such as another motor vehicle.  Any of these parties could be at fault for an accident in an unsafe work zone.  As such, the party at fault is liable for the resulting damages and injuries to the victim.  For instance, improperly trained construction workers could put the construction company at fault.

If the municipality is neglected as a result of inadequate detours, as another example, the local government could hold some liability.  These cases, that involve the government, though, will have a different process than that which you would adhere to for a private party like a construction company.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents 

Who is Responsible for Road Construction NegligenceThe Cottle Firm can provide representation for accidents that result from road construction negligence.

The experienced attornies at the Cottle Firm have obtained $10 million for wrongful death cases, $3 million awarded for defective construction trucks, $7.5 million for victims of a vehicle roll-over, and $2 million for injury from fire, all of which can be outcomes of road construction negligence.

With the Cottle Firm, you are not just a number.  You and your situation are unique and we care about discussing your experience with you.  We will find ways to help you work your way through the stress of an accident and resulting injuries.  We offer decades of experience with many different injuries including those that result from construction road negligence and we know how to win these cases.

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