Artificial Intelligence Used in Henderson To Fight Traffic Accidents

Technological advances have created new methods to fight traffic accidents, and one of the most recent cities to adopt these measures is right here in Nevada.

There have been a series of successful implementations of similar technology being used by both the Regional Transportation Committee of Southern Nevada and the Nevada Highway Patrol, and Henderson wants to be the latest success story.

The company, Waycare, is a cutting edge enterprise that attempts to use various data, whether it be traffic cameras, sensors, and in-vehicle information, with the aim of reducing the number of traffic accidents. Recently authorities have been trialing the new technology, and officials in Henderson are targeting a few key intersections to see how the technology will impact the rate of crashes and other accidents on the roadways.

What Is Waycare?

Waycare is an upstart company based out of Israel. The organization collaborated with authorities in Nevada to see how the service would affect the roadways. The pilot session of the Waycare program in the state saw the number of crashes decrease by 17 percent along Interstate 15 in the state, and this spiked interest in local law enforcement within Nevada who were currently dealing with a large number of crashes.

At this time, the program has been in use in Henderson for a little over a month. The interest in Waycare resulted from its promise to utilize state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence to prevent car crashes, and it seems Henderson is the next city to see how it works.

The Henderson-Waycare Project

The police force in Henderson specifically targeted some key intersections in the city, namely Eastern Ave, Horizon Ridge, and St. Rose Pkwy. Those locations were chosen for their particularly high rate of collisions. An upside to the program is that there is no extra technology required, as it relies on pre-existing data points such as cameras and vehicle information that is freely available. This simplifies the project and makes it possible for it to be adopted by a wider number of cities across Nevada, and perhaps even the larger United States.

Las Vegas Automobile Crashes

Artificial Intelligence Used in Henderson To Fight Traffic AccidentsAccidents like these are too common. One doesn’t have to look long until they see news of another crash in the news. In the state of Nevada in 2018, there have been 331 fatalities reported on the roads. This is an alarming rise in the number from the previous year at 6.4 percent.

There were only had 311 deaths in 2017. Across the United States, the number of deaths due to motor vehicle crashes has gone down overall.

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