The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been victimized by another party’s negligence and have sustained injuries, as a result, your best defense to obtain the compensation you need to heal and pay for your medical treatment is through an experienced personal injury attorney. If you are unsure about what exactly negligence is, it is a failure to act with the care that common sense would prescribe, or fail to project responsibility in situations in accordance with how the majority would reasonably act in the same circumstance.

Specialization in Personal Injury

Lawyers are similar to doctors in that they can specialize in specific areas of law, like personal injury for example.  Working within a few specializations allows attorneys to master their craft and become the most well-rounded experts in the field.  As laws change in these various practice areas, specialized attorney’s can better keep up to date so that they can offer the most current and knowledgeable support.

Characteristics of a Solid Personal Injury Attorney


Referrals from friends or family that have worked with a specific firm or attorney give you a first-hand account and information regarding the accuracy and trustworthiness of the professional.  Additionally, other attorney’s you may know who may not practice in the area you need should have a network of contacts they value that they can offer you in your needed specialty area.


The number of years practicing or the number of cases successfully settled go into determining the effectiveness of that attorney. Much like you’d look for in a contractor that would work on your house, an experienced attorney is going to be your best pick for finding success with your claim. But experience isn’t everything. Experience must be combined with success. So make sure that you not only have an attorney or firm that has the expertise but one that also has a proven track record of success.


While not all cases should or need to go to trial, some will need to in order to obtain the best outcome for the victim.  An attorney that is aggressive The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorneyand willing to do what is necessary to seek justice for their client will be one you know will work for you.  These are the professionals that are going to fight for your rights.


A firm or attorney that will look at all paths to gain information on your case to find out what happened to properly present your case is going to be a smart choice.  This shows determination and capability.

Involved in the Community

Those firms and attorneys that are involved with their communities show that they are not only interested in the welfare of the people within but also have deep care and concern for their welfare. Any good lawyer can win a case, it helps to have one that cares too.

Finding Personal Injury Attorneys Who Care in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Cottle Firm treats each individual with empathy and compassion when they decide to share their experience.  Mr. Cottle is a very respected trial lawyer who has a reputation for fighting for his clients.  He has been recognized as 2015 Trial Lawyer of Nevada and has an AV rating by Martindale Hubbell, the highest rating available in his profession.

If you have a personal injury case you deserve results. Call 702-722-6111 today and speak with one of our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys.