Tips to Keep Motorcyclists Safe

Ask anyone who rides a motorcycle, there is nothing more thrilling, relaxing, and fun at the same time than taking your hog out on a beautiful day and riding up and down back roads and hills.  Motorcycles can be a lot of excitement and an enjoyable pastime or a fuel-efficient way to commute around town, but these fast and agile machines are also very dangerous. Heading out on the road is a risk for anyone even in cars, but especially for those on motorcycles who have much less protection surrounding them should they get into an accident.  

Unsafe Driving Practices

It may be tempting to swerve or bob and weave to get around slower moving vehicles or a traffic standstill but that type of driving as a motorcyclist is extremely dangerous.  When hitting the open road, being defensive-minded and safety-inclined every time is the mindset needed by riders.

There are several unique risks motorcyclists face that can cause their accidents to result in injuries that are much more severe than that of those in cars.  These bikes are much less visible on the road, especially for larger vehicles which makes them more susceptible to being hit or nipped while in motion. Slippery conditions could cause your bike to slide causing you to be ejected.  In 2016, fatalities from motorcycle accidents were 28 times more frequent than those accidents in cars.

Safety Tips While Riding

  1. Wearing all your safety gear each and every time you go out on the road can help save your life.  Helmets have been found to be 37{88e349d5decac9e367401df59c8a5daea38c8be20f3485723a835d333268b5d9} more effective in preventing fatalities when in an accident than without and they are 67{88e349d5decac9e367401df59c8a5daea38c8be20f3485723a835d333268b5d9} more effective at protecting you from severe brainTips to Keep Motorcyclists Safe injuries.  Helmets, riding jacket,s pants, gloves, and boots should all be worn no matter how warm the weather is.
  2. Left turning drivers can be a major safety risk for motorcyclists.  Left-turning drivers are one of the main causes of accidents for motorcyclists, so be sure to keep your wits about your surroundings and watch out for these moves on the road.
  3. Stay aware of road conditions like sand, potholes, loose gravel, small debris, or oil slicks, to name a few hazards.  These things may not seem like a big deal if you are in a car, but they are a completely different thing when you are in a much lighter motorcycle and they can not only be hazardous they can be deadly.  Make sure you are keeping an eye on the road so you can move around or slow down when necessary to avoid these pitfalls.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers

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