What To Do After A Car Accident In Nevada

Right after you have been in a car accident the confusion, stress, and shock that sets in can blur your mind and your thoughts.  Your instincts are going to be checking on anyone who is in the car to see if they are ok or if anyone is in need of medical attention.  After these initial checks are done, and once medical help has come if is needed, your journey to healing and closure is often far from over.  The additional challenges you will face ahead could be a significant time investment of days, weeks, or even months.

This is why having an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney by your side is not only helpful but in many cases, essential.  The unfortunate reality is that in the state of Nevada there were 290 fatal accident crashes and a massive 22,285 injury crashes in 2017 alone.  These numbers don’t even include the number of crashes that result in property damages.

Key Steps To Take

  1. Seek medical treatment. First and foremost ensuring you are ok or obtaining appropriate treatment to help you get back on your feet is vital.  While not every crash will result in injury, many times you can leave the scene of the accident and feel ok. It won’t be until later that the pain and stiffness creep up on you and become apparent that you actually did sustain an injury.  A solid law firm will have the right medical professional contacts to connect you with so that those injuries don’t go undiagnosed and you get treatment right away.
  2. Settlement Requests.  After you have been assessed by an experienced medical professional, you will know what to expect in terms of cost and time for treatment.  Your lawyer will need this information in addition to all other accident-related expenses to bring about a suitable settlement to the insurance company of the party at fault. That insurance company will respond by either accepting it, denying it, or in some circumstances, countering it.
  3. The lawsuit.  Should the insurance company opt to deny the settlement brought forth by your attorney or if they try to settle with a far lesser number that is acceptable, it is within your right to file a lawsuit for the fair compensation you deserve.What to do After a Car Accident
  4. The process of discovery.  During discovery, both parties will gather their evidence, information, materials from interrogations and depositions, as well as ask for requests for admissions. All of this information will be used in the suit.
  5. Mediation.  Once all information has been compiled and assessed an agreement will be attempted through mediation.  Mediation is an attempt to settle outside of the court through a serious of meetings.
  6. Trial.  While in many cases personal injury claims can be settled during the mediation process, it isn’t always a sure thing.  If mediation doesn’t work, then it is time for trial. Your lawyer will begin preparing your case and you will resume in court.

Don’t Go it Alone

You should never feel like you are alone or struggling to find a resolution to an accident that was not your fault. The process can be overwhelming and as a private individual, you are not expected to know how to handle every aspect of seeking resolution.  Especially when an injury is involved, your first priority should always be to focus on your health and getting better. Letting your attorney take care of the rest will aid in your healing and recovery by taking that stress off of your plate.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Nevada

The experienced attorneys at the Cottle Firm can get you full compensation for your personal injuries.  Our firm has obtained $10 million for wrongful death cases, $3 million awarded for defective construction trucks, $7.5 million for victims of a vehicle roll-over, and $2 million for injury from fire. With the Cottle Firm, you are not just a number.  You and your situation are unique and If you have been injured in a traffic accident in Nevada, call us today to discuss your claim at 702-722-6111 and speak to one of our caring and knowledgeable attornies about your experience.


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