What To Do If You Are Involved In A Crash Involving A Ride-Share Vehicle

In many ways, ride-sharing programs are an extremely new development. It involves partnering private owners of cars with individuals who are wanting to get a ride somewhere. The driver will find people looking for a ride using an application. The app sends the driver the location of the potential rider, and then they are able to accept or decline to pick them up. After this, the app will let the driver know where the rider wants to go and take them to the chosen place.

Rideshare companies include Uber and Lyft, and they are also known as transportation network companies (TNC). The drivers are not seen as employees of the company, but rather as independent contractors. They are required to have the state required insurance for their cars or motor vehicles. This personal insurance is meant to cover the driver while they are behind the wheel for their own use. However, when the driver is using the app, they are actively acting as a contractor for the ride-share organization.

What Happens When You Are In An Accident With a Ride-Share Driver And Are Not Liable

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Crash Involving A Ride-Share VehicleDrivers of a rideshare company are covered by their personal insurance until assigned a rider. If you get into an accident with a rideshare driver at this stage, you simply have to sue the driver personally for the damages. However, if the driver is operating as a driver, it is possible that their insurance will state that the person is operating as a commercial entity.

This can result in the insurance company refusing to accept the claim and potentially cancel the policy of the driver all together. This could result in a case that is similar to a normal personal injury claim where you can sue the individual for their assets, or you can possibly rely on an uninsured motorist policy or MedPay coverage obtained through your own insurance policy.

On top of the driver’s personal insurance, the rideshare company has a $1 million policy limit that is able to cover damages that exceed the driver’s own insurance policy. If the driver’s policy does not accept the claim, then the rideshare company’s policy can potentially cover the rest.

What Happens When You Are In A Rideshare Vehicle and Receive An Injury

If you are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle and receive an injury, you could also be covered by the company’s insurance policy regardless if the driver is liable for the accident or injuries. If the driver is uninsured or has only minimal liability insurance, the company’s policy is able to cover your damages.

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