Liability In A Semi Collision

Some kinds of accidents can be pretty simple and easy to provide evidence of liability. These include crashes that are only between two passenger vehicles. However, there are many moments when there are multiple parties who may have some form of liability for the accident. This can be proven through evidence from the scene or witnesses who provide testimony. These can be enough to provide evidence of responsibility and to start compiling a case for a compensation claim.

Why Trucking Accidents Claims Can Be Complicated

Accidents involving semi-trucks are far from straightforward cases. These large trucks are not solely the responsibility of their drivers because these vehicles are moving goods across the country for a large business or corporation. This makes these cases more complex as there are many parties who have some stake in the truck itself, and therefore the crash and your damages as well. This also makes it hard to adequately determine who is liable for the damages resulting from a crash.

Parties That May Be LiableLiability In A Semi Collision

There are some primary parties that can be given responsibility for trucking accidents, and these include:

  • Truck operators. Trucks drivers can cause very severe and serious injuries from accidents when they do not follow traffic regulations or fail to adhere to standards of their industry. This can cause drivers to be held liable for damages resulting from an accident.
  • Truck owners. It is necessary to maintain trucks in order to ensure that they are safe for others on the roadways. Failure to do so can cause these vehicles to not operate safely in certain weather conditions or times of the day.
  • Trucking companies. There are certain regulations that must be adhered to by companies concerning weight limits and procedures when loading. Failure to do so can create hazardous situations that can cause injury.
  • Other motorists. Often times, drivers who are near large semi trucks can be responsible for an accident due to reckless driving behaviors that result in the truck driver losing control of their vehicle.
  • Governmental agencies. Roadways are meant to be safe for trucks that meet certain criteria, such as height, length, and weight. Sometimes roads are not maintained properly making them unsafe for these massive vehicles, potentially causing accidents and presenting governmental liability for damages.

Las Vegas Area Semi Accidents

In Nevada, there have been a reported 331 fatalities on the roadways in the year 2018.

This marks a noticeable increase of 6.4 percent from the previous year, which only had 311 deaths. Overall across the United States, the number of fatalities due to car accidents has decreased.

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