Tour Bus Accident Liability, Who Is At Fault?

Nevada sees their fair share of tour buses as a frequently visited tourist destination. There are many visitors daily that arrive from neighboring states such as Arizona and California. Many times, these tour buses are used for full day trips which require that they depart in the very early hours of the morning as well as leave late at night. Drowsiness on the part of the driver can be an issue and as such, it can lead to accidents.

Monitoring Tour Buses

The federal government recognizes this issue and they have required that there be electric logging devices on each bus. ELDs as they are known, monitor when the vehicle was driving as well as when it is not being used which helps establish how much potential rest a driver may have.

For a regular tour bus driver, even with downtime, there may not be associated rest. Even for those that do take the time to take it easy, they may still not have had enough downtime to be alert enough for the safe operation of the bus.

Those who board a tour bus expect that they will be driven by a safe and aware operator. The operators are responsible for their passenger’s safety while on the bus. This can be anything from actually driving, to stopping fights, or making sure there is nothing in the isles that could cause slip and falls.

When a driver fails to keep those on board safe, whether it be on the road with a traffic violation like running a red light or speeding, or inside the bus for any number of circumstances, there is a case for liability due to negligence.

Who Take Is At Fault

The driver themselves are the ones who are at fault for the accidents that transpire under their watch, but ultimately it comes down to the owners of the tour bus or company that retain the liability. Respondeat Superior “let the master answer” comes into play. This means that employers are fully responsible for the actions or inactions of their employees while at work. If an employee acts negligently on the clock, the employer takes on the repercussions for it.

The employee is anyone who is paid through the employer. These parties will include regular W2 employees, through contractors, substitute drivers, unpaid volunteers, and the like. They are all considered under this umbrella.

Nevada Tour Bus Accidents

The damages that coincide with tour bus accidents can have compensation that is paid out for both economic as well as noneconomic losses. These could be medical bills to emotional distress. Depending on the severity of the accident, there may be further punitive damages assessed.

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