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Mall Parking Lot Injuries

Mall Parking Lot Injuries

They may seem benign, but mall parking lots are actually very dangerous for both pedestrians and car owners. Of all the crimes that occur at the mall, the most happen in the parking lots and garages. Parked cars are susceptible to theft, break-ins, and hit-and-run property damages. There have been 60,000 injuries, in addition to 500 fatalities, in these sometimes chaotic and busy parking areas of the mall in just one recent year alone. A leading factor that causes accidents in these areas is distracted driving. During Christmas time and large sales, the time of year where the malls are mobbed, there are 20% more accidents, according to State Farm Insurance.

How To Stay Safe in a Parking Lot

Because distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents in parking lots, especially during busy times of the year, it is important that you stay focused and alert when you are navigating the parking lot. Don’t fiddle with GPS or any other gadgets or phones while you are driving. If you need to check your email or get directions, make sure you do these things before you put the keys in the ignition and you start the car.

Save gazing at decorations, talking to passengers, taking pictures, or checking for coupons for when you are parked, or once you are safely on the sidewalks and inside the mall. Preferably, if you can take a seat on one of the many benches, you can also save yourself from injuries due to slips, trips, and falls. Distracted walking is also a factor that can lead to damages to your person.

Parking Lot Accidents

It is always important, any time you are behind the wheel, to be alert and aware. It is specifically even more important when you are in a busy environment, with congestion and a lot of activity, to keep yourself tuned into your surroundings. In parking lots, drive slower, stay off your devices, and keep a good sense of who and what is around you.

The reality is that even when one is super attentive to safety, it doesn’t always mean that there are any guarantees you won’t get into an accident. You can only control yourself and your decisions; you cannot control others. Other distracted drivers and pedestrians are always a factor anywhere, but especially in busy parking lots.

Accidents occur, even with the safest of drivers who are driving cautiously and slowly. The results of collisions could include lacerations, bruises, fractures, broken bones, and head trauma. Pedestrians can also face a similar fate if they trip and fall. Slip-and-fall attorneys in Nevada and Las Vegas motor vehicle accident attorneys are a good place to find help, should you be injured at the mall.

Nevada Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered an injury as a pedestrian being hit by a car, as a driver hit by another negligent motor vehicle operator, or if you slipped and fell while in a mall parking lot, you could have a valid claim. Your claim may have recoverable compensation to account for your medical expenses, damages, and trauma. Let the Nevada personal injury attorneys at the Cottle firm handle your claim for you. Call us today and speak with one of our resourceful personal injury lawyers at 702-722-6111.

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