The Dangers Of Our Safety Features: What To Know About Airbags

There is no question: airbags save lives. During the 30-year period from 1987 through 2017, there were 50,457 lives saved via the correct deployment of airbags. They prevent catastrophic injuries and even fatalities in some circumstances. However, there have been incidents when these safety devices don’t act properly and malfunction. In these cases, there have been serious injuries reported.

If an airbag deploys outside of an accident, it could put more than a big shock into the victim. It can inflict lacerations, burns, broken bones, and it can even eject shrapnel that can puncture skin deeply. At 200 mph, airbags pack a huge punch; literally.


The name Takata is synonymous with airbag dysfunction, after the issues this company has had with recalls and faulty airbags. There were over 50 million of these products installed on a massive 37 million vehicles, all of which needed to be recalled due to explosions that were occurring. The Takata company was inundated with liability claims for the injuries that occurred to those individuals who were victimized by these faulty airbags.

Like any new product you buy, it is shocking when it doesn’t work properly. It is even more traumatic when it malfunctions in a way that causes significant injuries. This is when you need to seek the assistance and guidance of a defective product attorney, in order to ensure you aren’t trying to recover in addition to working your way through medical expenses alone.

Injuries From Defective Airbags

The injuries you can sustain from defective airbags powerfully blowing up in your face can be disfiguring, long-term, painful, and emotionally devastating. The chemicals that airbags have within can also cause lung and sinus problems. Eyes, bones, and skin can all be seriously cut or broken. If shrapnel is flying through your vehicle, the possibility of critical internal organ injury from these shards lodging themselves deeply within a body part is a very real concern. The internal damages, plus internal bleeding, can be life-threatening.

Product Defect Attorneys in Nevada

Airbags were only put on the driver side and front seat passenger areas initially, but with modern cars, there are many more that have been added to increase their safety ratings. There are airbags that are put into the sides, the rear, and even in the roofs of newer model cars. These extra areas of airbags offer extra protection, absolutely. With extra functions and gadgets, however, there is always also an increased risk of more pieces that can malfunction and cause injury.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a defective product, you deserve compensation for your injuries and your painful experience. After you seek appropriate medical attention to ensure you are on track for a full recovery, you should speak to one of the Cottle Firm’s Nevada personal injury attorneys about your claim. Our Nevada-based personal injury lawyers are here to help you and guide you through the legal process of obtaining compensation. Call us today and speak with one of our resourceful personal injury lawyers at 702-722-6111.