T-Bone Accidents Are Among the Most Dangerous

Of all the types of accidents that occur, T-bone accident are some of the most dangerous. Most of the time, these types of collisions result in severe injuries and fatalities, with approximately 8,000-10,000 T-bone crashes resulting in death every year. T-bones are responsible for more fatalities than the combined numbers of both head-on and rear-end collision accidents.

Physical Injuries Resulting from T-Bone Accidents

It doesn’t take excessive speeds to cause serious injury to an individual when it comes to a T-bone accident. Head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), lacerations, whiplash, neck and spine damages, internal organ damage, limb damages, and a high rate of fatalities can all be outcomes of an accident of this type. Of course, the higher the rate of speed at which any collision happens, the higher the likelihood of more catastrophic damages occurring; and this is also true for T-bone accidents.

Statistically, individuals involved in T-bones suffer higher rates of spinal cord damages because the force of the impact is absorbed through the muscles and ligaments in the head and neck. These accidents thrash the head back and forth violently, which can cause brain injuries as well as severe harm to the cervical spine.

Reducing the Severity of T-bone Accidents

Increasing the amount of protection that cars are built with, including side airbags and crumple zones, can help with safety. Crumple zones are interesting because they are designed to do just what their name suggests: crumple. This will absorb a good amount of the force from a collision and act to reduce damages to those inside a vehicle.

There are circumstances where a side impact actually causes a car to spin around and smash into other cars or objects. This is an area where the increase in airbags can help cushion impact and blows that result from secondary collisions. With multiple points of impact that can occur in these types of accidents, there is great variability in types of injuries sustained across the body. In addition to the injuries that were listed above, there can also be muscle injuries and soft tissue injuries that often require long-term treatment, including physical therapy and the use of chiropractic care to reduce residual and chronic pains.

Car Accident Attorneys in Nevada

The numbers that show damages from car accidents across the globe are very real, which is why the help of a Nevada motor vehicle accident attorney is an important part of ensuring you receive full legal justice when you have been victimized. In 2016, there were 600,056 individuals that were killed in traffic accidents, along with 16,937,051 injured, which accumulated to an approximate total cost of $250,668,356,989. Many factors can contribute to road accidents, including drowsy driving, driving while intoxicated, distracted driving, and negligent driving in poor weather conditions, to name a few. According to the Road Weather Management Program of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, weather is a factor in 21{88e349d5decac9e367401df59c8a5daea38c8be20f3485723a835d333268b5d9} of car accidents that occur throughout the U.S. alone.

You do not have to tackle the legal burden of obtaining compensation for your personal injuries alone when you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault. The Cottle Firm’s Nevada personal injury attorneys can give you the guidance and support you need to see full compensation for your damages. Our Nevada-based personal injury lawyers are here to speak with you and provide you assistance, so give us a call today at 702-722-6111.