The Expenses Associated with a Car Accident

Vehicular accidents come with all types of strings and challenges attached. Not only do you have to cope with the physical, economic, and emotional stress of the actual incident but you also have to fight insurance companies and have to wait for an undetermined amount of time to see if the compensation you recover will even come close to covering your losses. It is an overwhelming ordeal that you shouldn’t take on by yourself. An experienced Nevada motor vehicle accident attorney with the Cottle Firm can take on the legal battles for you so you can focus on your family and your recovery.

Vehicular Accident Expenses

There are many expensive considerations that come after an automobile accident, including:

Repair Costs

It is difficult to estimate the repair costs to a vehicle by the untrained eye. Often, what appears to be only minor scratches and dings can turn out to cost quite a chunk of change. When the damages are more extensive, you could be looking not only at a large repair bill, but also a long time without the use of your car while it is being repaired. The costs of a rental car, so you have transportation while your vehicle is in the shop, is an expense associated with repair costs to consider.

Rental cars also come with some extra expenses not only the gas and the rental cost itself, but the extra insurance you may take out to cover any type of potential damage to the car that could arise while it is in your car. Rental cars are not an inexpensive proposition, and along with repair costs, the total bill could be quite costly.

Vehicle Replacement

Should your vehicle be deemed “totaled” after an accident, you may be in a very difficult and costly situation. Should you still be paying off your loan from the totaled vehicle, you will be dealing with that along with the expenses of a brand-new car. Depending on what you receive from the insurance company, you may not obtain enough to pay off the previous loan keeping you saddled with two car payments per month for one car that you never expected to have to get.

Medical Expenses

Certain injuries require immediate medical assistance, but other injuries may not be realized until well after the actual date of the accident. The tests needed to make a proper diagnosis, including MRIs, X-rays, blood tests, etc., can all add up fast. The final outcomes, with the medication costs and therapies for treatment, add on additional costs to your total medical expenses. In some circumstances, you may need gear like a walker, cane, or wheelchair to continue to function normally in your daily life. The more significant your injuries and the longer-term medical treatment you need equals very high bills associated with your recovery.

Lost Income

If you are unable to work, you will lose out on that monthly income you relied on to take care of yourself and your family. Eliminating the income that was used to put food on the table and pay the bills, even for a small amount of time, can be financially devastating for anyone, let alone if you are out of work for the long-term. If you are the family’s breadwinner, this impact alone could be calamitous.

Rising Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies, whether they are yours or the defendants, are always going to be on the lookout for their bottom line. They are going to find ways to make up their money, and if they can find a way to raise your premiums, make no mistake, they will do it. Even when the accident you were the victim of was not your fault, you could still see an increase in rates.

Attorney Fees

In order to obtain your highest amount of compensation and ensure that these expenses you incur as a result of an accident can be fully covered, you really need the backing of an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. The attorneys at the Cottle Firm offer a free consultation to help you evaluate the strength of your case and the costs that you should be seeking.

Our team will take on the legal battle for you so you can breathe easy knowing your case is in good hands. We have obtained over a quarter of a billion dollars in compensation for our clients, and we will work aggressively on your behalf so you can see your full compensation, too. Call the Cottle Firm’s Nevada personal injury attorneys at 702-722-6111 today.

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